Full Service Bathing and Grooming

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    Every dog is hand washed and dried by our trained and qualified staff. Our all natural line of products offer different types of baths and treatments to cater to your dog’s individual needs.  We want only the best for your furry kids, so our shampoos and conditioners do not contain wheat, gluten or parabens.  The products are pH balanced and fortified with vitamins and protein to keep your dogs’ skin and coat healthy and strong. Your pup will thank you after a nice day at the spa!

The Salon & Spa is open for bathing services 7 days a week –  from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm,  Monday – Saturday and 11:00 am to 5:00 pm on Sunday. Holiday hours will vary.  Grooming services are available by advance appointment, on select days.  Please inquire at the front desk for more information.

The Spa’s Baths

Choose from the following bath options to best suit your furry kid.  All baths consists of a wash and conditioner specific for your pups’ coat type, blow dry, ear cleaning, nail trim, brush out/light mat and undercoat removal (10 minutes)*, and, if needed, pad trim and mini sani. Prices range from $25 to $100 (depending on size and coat).   *additional charges for matting and undercoat removal that requires in excess of 10 minutes

The Basic Wash

A scrub down with a shampoo that is perfect for the widest range of coat types. It is gentle enough for sensitive skin yet powerful enough to get the job done!  It is a tear-less, hypoallergenic shampoo enriched with vitamins and proteins.

The Oatmeal Soak

This shampoo is great for dogs with sensitive skin or skin allergies, as well as puppies. It is a mild shampoo that gently and thoroughly cleans, restoring moisture and soothes dry itchy skin.

Brightening Wash

A bath that brightens and enhances white coats and markings. It helps remove stains and yellowing, deodorizes, and leaves coats conditioned and more lustrous. *Tear stain removal is available at an additional charge.

Down n’ Dirty Scrub

For those dogs that just love to play in the dirt, this shampoo, specifically designed to remove the toughest dirt, grease and grime, is followed by a conditioning rinse. This deep clean will leave your dog’s coat soft, manageable, and with a healthy shine.

Allergy Safe Wash

If your dog has allergies or you would rather your pet be fragrance free, then this is for you and your pup. This shampoo is all natural, fragrance free, pH-balance wash that leaves your dog’s coat feeling clean and fresh.

The Spa’s Treatments

The below extra treatments are in addition to the Basic Wash.

Conditioning Treatment ($10 – $20)

If you feel that your dog’s coat has lost its sheen or it just needs that extra boost, you can add this treatment to ANY of the above listed bath options. The conditioner is enriched with vitamins, aloe and amino acids to help restore life to damaged hair and protects against breakage.

De-Skunk the Funk ($10 – $20)

After those unfortunate events you and your pup need a product that is going to deliver – and we have it!  We will soak your pup in a powerful, bio-enzymatic formula that works to neutralize skunk odors by breaking down oils found in skunk spray and effectively removing them.  After the soak your pup will receive an invigorating scrub with our all natural Down n’ Dirty shampoo, followed by a conditioning rinse.  Funk be gone!

Itch and Irritation Relief ($10 – $20)

For the dog who can’t stop itching or has skin irritation that is driving you both crazy.  This treatment is an all natural, antiseptic formula to help promote healing of most common skin problems including: seborrhea, scaling, eczema, hot-spots, flaking and flea bite dermatitis. It relieves itching by washing away bacteria, fungus and infection.  Your pet will be thanking you after this bath.

De-Shedding Treatment ($10 – $35)

Are you dealing with endless amounts of hair?  For relief try our all natural shed reducing shampoo.  This treatment will detangle, release and remove loose hair and undercoat.  The shampoo is followed by a conditioning solution that will help further detangle and remove unwanted hair while conditioning your dog’s coat so it is silky and smooth.  Finally, your pup will have their undercoat brushed out and removed utilizing specialized tools that will greatly reduce your dog’s shedding.

Chemical Free Flea and Tick Exterminator ($18 – $32)

Not only is this a natural pesticide alternative formula, but it also provides relief from scratching and biting normally associated with fleas and ticks. It soothes itchy irritated skin caused by flea bites, and helps remove odors. It’s made with generous amounts of pure Neem Tree oil, as well as other natural ingredients. We do still recommend keeping your pup on a monthly flea prevention plan to keep those pesky critters away.

Medicated Shampoos  ($15+)

Malaseb, Relief, Chlorhexidine, Zymox + Cream Rinse

A La Carte Services

  • Expressing of anal glands  $20.00 
  • Nail trim $18.00 
  • Ear cleaning $12.00
  • Ear plucking $14.00
  • Sanitary trim $10.00 – $30.00
  • Shaving, cleaning & treating hot-spots $15.00 – $25.00
  • Brush out/light mat removal ($10 per 10 min) $10.00
  • Tear stain removal $8.00
  • Teeth brushing (option to take toothbrush home) $10.00
  • Vision trim $8.00-$15.00
  • Beard trim $8.00-$15.00
  • Head trim (includes Beard, Vision, & Crown) $15.00-$20.00
  • Paw trim (top+pad/poodle feet)  $10.00 – $15.00

* Prices subject to change without notice*

In order to provide your dog(s) with the best possible experience and service please complete the Grateful Dogs Bath Information Sheet and/or the Grooming Information Sheet also found with the New Client Information packet, if you have not previously done so.  Thank You.

Please Note: The Daycare’s “cage-free” motto applies to the grooming facility as well. Due to this, we may not be able to  dry some pups 100% of the time, even with our best efforts. Since we don’t confine the pups to a direct airflow, it can be difficult to dry them completely, especially around the head area. In a case like this, you will be notified and we will reduce the price of the bath or groom. We want your pups’ experience at the Daycare to be a good one – safety before vanity!

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