General FAQs

Can someone other than myself drop off or pick up my dog?

Yes, just be sure  to notify us & provide the name and phone number of the person that will be dropping off or picking up.

Which vaccinations are required?

We require Rabies, Distemper/Parvo Combo, Canine Influenza, and Bordetella. Please be sure to provide us with updated information regularly.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, cash and personal checks. Payment is due at pick up.

What do you consider Holiday and what is Peak Seasons?

Our Holidays are New Year, Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Our Peak Seasons consists of President’s Weekend in February, Spring Break, and Summer time beginning June 15th through the Labor Day Holiday in September.

Can my dog get sick being around so many other dogs?

Although we strive to keep our facility as clean and safe as possible, the potential for illness still exists. Like humans, both the very young and the older dogs are more likely to contract illness.

What does my dog do all day?

Every dog is different. Dogs are social by nature, but just like humans there are some who enjoy just observing the group and some who are always involved. We have several types of environments to cater to all types of personalities.  Safety and happiness are always paramount.  We also take specific notation of each of the dogs’ likes and dislikes.

We are working so hard on potty training; will this ruin our efforts?

We encourage all of the dogs to “go” in designated areas. While we are prepared for accidents anywhere, we do our best to help reinforce your efforts at home.

Are there ever fights?

In any group setting risks are present. Sometimes minor injuries occur during play.  Occasionally best buddies are playing well and one take it a little too far.  Our goal is always to prevent altercations before they occur, but they are possible.  To start, each dog must go through the orientation and a rigorous screening process.  This process helps us to check that dogs are well-mannered and also comfortable in a group setting before they are admitted to the clubhouse.

What happens if my dog becomes injured or ill at Grateful Dogs?

We take health and safety very seriously. Any notable behavior such as vomiting, loose stool, limping, squinting, licking, or head shaking are documented and monitored closely.  In a non-emergency or non-urgent situation, you will be notified upon pick up.  If it is deemed that your dog needs medical treatment in a non-emergency situation, you or your emergency contact will be notified and your dog will be taken to the vet for treatment at your expense.  In the event of a life-threatening emergency we will transport your dog to the closest emergency facility or local veterinarian and do our best to reach out to you as quickly as possible.

What happens if my dog injures someone or another dog?

If your dog is the cause of a puncture or injury to a person or another dog, you are financially responsible for that injury.

What if I am late picking up my dog?

Late fees will be assessed up to 20 minutes (see price list for fees). Any dog(s) not picked up within 20 minutes after close of business must spend the night and will be charged for an overnight stay in addition to daycare fees incurred. You will be able to pick them up the following day during normal business hours. Please note our hours of operation change during holidays and peak seasons.


Boarding FAQs

Do I have to bring my dog’s food?

Dogs do best when they are on a consistent diet so we request that you always provide their own food for boarding. Food is also available for purchase in our boutique.

My dog’s food requires refrigeration; can you accommodate this?

We have a refrigerator and a freezer that can accommodate your dog’s food.

What times are the dogs fed?

We typically start breakfast at 6 am, lunch at noon, and dinner between 4 and 6.

Should I bring toys or bedding?

We do not accept any toys, blankets, crates, or bedding as we cannot guarantee the safe return of such items, nor can we store them.

Can you care for dogs with special needs?

We understand that every dog is unique and that some may require special attention. We are happy to discuss any special health issues your dog may have so we can determine if we are able to care for your pup’s needs.

Can my friend come visit my dog during their overnight stay?

We discourage visiting as we find it stressful or confusing for the dog. If someone is able to take your dog home for at least a night, to break up a long stay, we are happy to accommodate this.