Puppy Praise

We just love hearing from your Grateful Dog!

  • Barkley Y.

    00311041388_928639103847018_1521341520_n My name is Barkley and I’ve been coming to Grateful Dogs for almost 3 years now. I have lots of friends there and we play together all the time. Some of my friends are frenchies, but I have all kinds of friends. My humans used to only let me go 2 days a week, but sometimes, if I’m really good, I get to go 3 days. If I’m really lucky, when my humans take a trip, I get to go for a slumber party…those are really fun, and we get a human to sleep with us all night! Sometimes my humans make me get a bath at Grateful Dogs which I don’t mind too much, because then everyone says I smell good. Once they thought I was behaving strangely and they called my humans right away. The staff is really on top of things and pays attention to details…my humans really like that. Grateful Dogs is my home away from home!

  • Kali P.

    015 (2)011 (2)I LOVE going to Grateful Dogs Clubhouse! I can’t wait to get out of the car and I don’t even give Mommy a kiss goodbye, cuz I’m so excited to play with all my friends, both doggies and people! I’ve been so lucky to be going to Grateful Dogs since I was 8 months old, and in May it will be three years that I am a Greatful pup! Everyone takes such good care of me and I always have a great time. Sometimes I’m so tired from playing I even have to take a rest. Everyone knows that I would rather play! If I’m really lucky I get a sleepover – it’s even more fun to stay overnight with all my friends! Mom and dad never have to worry about me when I’m st Grateful Dogs cuz I’m in such good hands with everyone and I get lots and lots of attention. GD is an amazing place and my Mom & Dad tell all their friends about how wonderful it is. Thank you Debby, DJ and all the staff! Woof, Woof!! Kali

  • Tally R.

    IMG_9894 IMG_9896My Mom tells me that I am her third Aussie to come to the Clubhouse!  I am happy to come here because I know my brother, Cowboy, and sister, Molly, came here as well.

    I enjoy being able to run around, play and BARK.  My Mom says that Grateful Dogs gives her “piece of mind”.  We both think the people who work here are so nice and take good care of me.

    My Mom tells me that it would be so hard for her to have a day without Grateful Dogs.  It makes her happy to know that I am safe.It makes us both happy to know that we are together because of Grateful Dogs!

  • Shanee & Sierra


    IMG_9917We love going to Grateful Dogs!! It’s so fun, and everyone is really nice to us!  We’ve made so many friends ranging from cute boy pit bulls to some other really cool labs. It’s a blast!  Some of our favorite people are Karen, Carol, Maggie, Lisi, Brandi and Debbie – but those are just the names we know. Everyone gives us lots of pets, hugs and kisses throughout the day … we love it! We feel spoiled when we are at Grateful Dogs!


  • Circe G.

    20140724_121450circeCirce absolutely loves going to doggie day care at Grateful Dogs.  Each morning when I leave for work she brings her ‘daycare collar” to me, wanting to go to Grateful Dogs.  She seems to have a wonderful time playing in pools, getting pets from adults and running.  I’m so “grateful” that there’s a place where my pit bull terrier, a misunderstood breed, is welcomed and loved on a daily basis.  And the long naps after visiting day care are much appreciated by us.  Thank you!

  • Reese & Sammy


    You guys saved by brother, Sammy, and me, Reese, from a life of boredom.  Our parents used to leave us alone while they went to work.  It was very lonely.  Now we go to day care and we play with our friends all day.  When we get home we are so tired we don’t have the energy to bark at our neighbors when they walk by our house.  Our mom and dad say the house is a lot quieter these days.  We even lost weight (not that I needed it). Thanks for loving us! Reese and Sammy — P.S. This is Sammy…Tiny Town rules! Thanks guys – Love Sammy

  • Emma G.

    I love “Grateful Dogs” and seeing my friends! – Emma

  • Murphy H.

    I love going to Grateful Dogs! I’m always so excited to see my friends there – both canine and human. They take such good care of me when I go to daycare and board over night. I usually hate leaving my mom but I am happy when she drops me off at Grateful Dogs.

    My mom told me that she’s been taking her dogs to Grateful Dogs for 15 years. She says Grateful Dogs is the best. Thank you, Grateful Dogs!

    – Murphy

  • Moose C.

    Hi! They call me Moose. I’m almost 3 and Grateful Dogs has been my second home for most of my life now. My Parents tried some of the other places, but I let them know quickly that Grateful Dogs was the place for this pup – by the way, I’d wag my tail as fast as possible, jump out of the car in lightning speed, and bolt for the entrance every time they dropped me off! I love this place. Everyone is so warm and welcoming and it didn’t take long for everyone to know my name.  Now, every time I come over, everyone greets me with “It’s Moose!” or “Hey Moose!”. They make me feel so comfortable and at home. Sure I miss my parents when they’re away, but at Grateful, I have so much fun partying with all my buddies, that I hardly even notice they’re not there! Ssshhh…don’t tell them I said that. And I know we shouldn’t have favorites because all the staff are like my extended family, but if you tempted me with a bone, I’d have to say Carol is my favorite. She even calls “dibs” on me when I stay the night. She and I are best buddies. One time I even got to help her greet some of the newbies. I showed new pups the ropes, gave them the tour and told them all about how fun it is in the kiddie pools when it’s hot and how here, we all just get along, soak up the California sunshine and enjoy the “Dog Life” -Love always, Moose

  • Mattie M.

Hello from Golden, Colorado-

With Thanksgiving almost here, we wanted to make sure we celebrated the Thanksgiving theme by writing to say “Thank you” for everything you did in taking care of our Bernese Mountain Dog, Mattie, over the last few years.

We have moved from Redondo to Golden, which is almost 10 miles west of Denver at an altitude of 6,000 feet. Mattie has adjusted well, and is now every comfortable walking on some very steep hills, and once again is the Queen of her town. We had our first snow of the season last week (about 4 inches), we we watched Mattie go out into her first snow. She rolled around on her back a bit, but mostly just ate it. As we walked, she’d stick her nose into it and eat some, and then come up for air, keep walking, and repeat. Very cute. She’s a very happy dog.

We very much wish there was a Grateful Dogs in the greater Denver area. We have returned to the Doggie Day Care that we used with our prior Berner, but miss the great care that Mattie always had at Grateful Dogs- especially the overnight care where there was always staff staying with the dogs!

So all of this is a long way to get to the point of saying “thank you” for everything you did for Mattie. Your team does a spectacular job, and we always were completely confident and trusting in the care that Mattie received. Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Zulu S.

    Zulu loves coming here to hang out with his fur friends and play. Everyone is so nice to him!

  • Duke M.

    From Duke: My dad takes me to the clubhouse almost every day. I have been gooding around and/or napping at Grateful Dogs for almost 2 1/2 years which is a pretty long time since I was adopted 3 years ago! I love my family at GD – I have lots of great friends (both human and furries) and there’s lots of beds to nap in or places to hang out. The humans at GD always look out for my well being, and I know that my parents really appreciate the fact that if I ever have tummy problems, they are informed right away!

From Duke’s Family: Thank you Grateful Dogs! There’s no other place like the GD and we are so lucky to know that Duke is in a safe and happy place! You really do care about our Duke and we know he is so loved at the GD. You are the best!

  • Barkley R.

    “Love coming and playing with my new friends. As soon as I see McDonalds’, I cry knowing I am close. I love my human friend, Carol. Everyone is so nice and sweet to me, I don’t like to leave. I wish I came sooner” – Barkely

  • Maggie K.

    I am grateful to my parents for my Wednesday “doggie daycare days” at Grateful Dogs. I know when Wednesday arrives, and get so excited to go! Upon arrival, I get very excited while we are in the parking lot, so much so I forget to say goodbye to Mom/Dad! Once inside the front door, I wiggle with anticipation of my day ahead. Being with all my canine friends is fantastic! Being off leash with them all is amazing, and so many butts to smell/ dogs to play with. My human friends there are amazing as well. They look after me, give me love, and take such great care of me. Too, they tell my parents about anything that may have come up during my day. Overnight stays are amazing as well. I get to sleep in a bedroom with a human, and all my canine friends. And usually after a hard day of playing, I sleep (and snore) a lot. But then morning comes, and it’s time to play!! Another benefit of going there is the shop in the front, and my Dad surprises me with lots of toys and collars. Mom says I am becoming into the “Imelda Marcos” of dog collars! (As I have collars for every season/holiday) Thanks to the great team at Grateful Dogs!

  • Gabe – Zack – & Joey

    Always great service, attention to detail, and communicating issues (ie: Kennel Cough) before we kennel.

  • Sweetie N.

    Sweetie was a rescue dog with all the afflictions of being abandoned and abused. Grateful Dogs was the first venue we ever brought this scared, timid and unfriendly animal to. She began to understand that here was a place she could trust and be safe in. Gradually, we increased an occasional daycare to an overnight, and now, three years later, she stays for almost two weeks. When she returns home it is a seamless event and she re-adjusts with no negative side effects. Grateful Dogs’ staff is extremely caring and careful. That allows us to travel with no worries as well as the knowledge Sweetie is loved in our absence.

  • Betty D.

    Betty loves the Grateful Dogs Clubhouse. She has been a member for 10 months. She has stayed overnight as a weekend guest and was loved and cared for by the excellent staff. Betty comes to daycare twice a week and is always excited when we pull into the parking lot. Her favorite time of the year is summer time when she can play in the splash pools. Thank you! – Betty’s Family