Clubhouse Rules

Hours of Operation

The clubhouse is open for operation Monday-Friday from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM, Saturday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and Sunday from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Although there is a staff member present 24 hours a day, all dogs must be picked up during hours of operation. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate pick-ups and drop-offs outside of our business hours. All dogs must be picked up by closing time or they will be required to spend the night. Any one disturbing the daycare after closing hours will be charged a $50.00 fee in addition to the overnight fee.

Checking In and Checking Out Procedures

  1. Please have your dog on leash and be in control of your dog upon entering/exiting the reception area and parking lot. This is an important step in maintaining a safe environment.

  2. When checking your dog in, please communicate any special needs your dog may have which will help us to care for them. For example: allergies, recent injuries or surgeries, hot spots, wounds, fear, TLC, etc.

  3. Make sure to shut all doors securely behind you for the safety of all dogs.

  4. Please label all of your dog’s personal belongings clearly, including their leash, food, and any medication.

  5. Clearly write down all medication, special needs, etc., in the designated areas on the overnight check-in card.

  6. Please report any feedback, strange behaviors, or illnesses immediately. It is important for us to be aware for the health and safety of all dogs.


When checking your dog in, please inform staff whether they will need any additional services such as a bath, drop off service, lunch or dinner. (Lunch is free for dogs under 6 months, and $2/dog over 6 months).

*If requesting a lunch or dinner feeding, please provide food. An additional $2.00 to $4.00 fee will be assessed if the Clubhouse food is provided for your dog.

*If requesting a bath, please indicate the approximate time you will be picking up your dog. The earliest a bath can be done by is 10am.

*When requesting a shuttle drop-off, for the first few times please leave address, key, drop-off instructions, and a phone number where you can be reached.

Overnight Procedures

  1. Fill out an overnight card completely.

    *Make sure to include all special instructions (allergies, time outs, extra love, etc.)

    *Clearly indicate feeding instructions including the brand of food and exact amounts to feed your pup.

    *Indicate the time you will be picking up your dog.

    *Indicate if you want your dog bathed upon departure. We highly recommend baths for dogs staying over four days.

  2. Please supply food for your dog. We prefer if you prepackage meals into individual zip lock bags (1 baggie per meal). Due to limited storage space, please only bring the amount of food needed for your dog’s stay. 20lb or larger bags of food will only be accepted if your dog is here for an extended time period. You will be asked to re-bag your food and take the excess with you. The Clubhouse sells a variety of foods in our boutique. If you do not bring food, you will be asked to purchase food from the selection we have in our store. Please make sure to label all belongings, including food bags, with your dog’s first and last name.

  3. Dogs must be picked up and dropped off during our hours of operation. For the safety and well being of the dogs staying with us, dogs being checked in for overnight must be here by 2 pm, 12 pm if your dog is under 2 years old.

  4. If you are dropping off multiple dogs, please indicate if they need to be fed separately.

  5. Our overnight rate is based on a 24-hour period. Any hours over the 24-hour period will be billed according to our fee schedule.

RESERVATIONS Reservations are required for overnight boarding. We recommend making reservations a couple weeks in advance and at least one month in advance for holidays and peak seasons. Space is limited. Daycare reservations are required during the holidays.

CANCELLATION POLICY 24 hours cancellation is required for non-holiday reservations. During holidays or peak season***, all reservations must be cancelled 48 hours in advance. A one week cancellation notice is required during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year. If you fail to give required notice, you will be charged the cost of your first nights stay. Failure to cancel your reservation will be considered a “no-show”. All no-shows will be charged for their full intended stay; not to exceed $250. All no-shows for a Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year reservation may be charged their full intended stay.

***Peak season consists of President’s Weekend in February, Spring Break, and Summer time beginning June 15th through the Labor Day Holiday in September.

Shuttle Service

We are happy to offer shuttle services to clients within our driving area of El Segundo, Manhattan Beach, and Hermosa Beach. Our shuttle only operates Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The fee ranges from $8.00-$26.00 per dog, depending on your location. Please ask the front desk to determine your one way and roundtrip rate. Dogs are picked up between 7:00 AM and 9:00 AM and dropped off between 4:00 PM and 6:00 PM. All pick-ups must be arranged by 4 PM the previous day, and all drop offs must be arranged by noon on the day of the drop-off. Please note: We do not have pick up and drop off service on Tuesday and Thursday, weekends or during holidays.

Additional Information

VACCINATIONS All dogs must be current on required vaccinations. Please make sure to give us proof of updated shots regularly. Although all dogs must be vaccinated, and we disinfect regularly, it is still possible for your dog to contract viruses or bacteria. For this reason, it is important for you to communicate any illness or irregularities you notice with your dog.

COLLAR AND TAGS Every dog is required to wear a quick release collar with a name tag. Buckle collars are not acceptable to wear at daycare, they pose a serious safety risk.

AGE SPECIFIC ISSUES  The comfort and safety of your dog is important to us. Senior dogs over age ten (10) and puppies less than nine (9) months may be at a greater risk for some age-related illnesses or events. For senior dogs, the stress of boarding or being in a cage free environment may increase the need for medical attention and a specific “Senior Waiver” must be completed for our files. Puppies under nine (9) months who are still developing physically and mentally may be at higher risk for skeletal issues, growing pains, fractures, illnesses such as kennel cough or giardia, and acceleration or increased severity of inherited conditions.

MEDICAL ATTENTION All dogs are screened for aggression, but fights can still occur. It is also possible for puncture wounds to happen during play sessions. In the event of a fight or injury, we will bring any dogs needing medical attention to a local vet right away. An incident report will then be filed. Any dog responsible will incur all vet bills if applicable. If your dog needs medical care during their stay, we will bring them to Bay Animal Hospital or a local vet and bill you for the fees. We always attempt to contact the owner or emergency contact person before providing any medical attention, unless you have instructed us otherwise.

It is important to note, especially on your dog’s first overnight stay, that your dog may experience signs of fatigue that includes sleeping, loss of appetite and general lethargy. This might last 2-3 days, after which your dog(s) should bounce back to normal. If the symptoms continue, please contact us ASAP.

map of Grateful Dogs Clubhouse
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    Large Dog Outside Yard

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    Outdoor area for green room

  • Indoor play area

    Indoor play area

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    Ball Game Area

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    Dogs playing in water on our patio

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    Bedroom Suites

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    Back bedroom

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    SDL Yard

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    Oasis Yard

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    Grooming Rooms

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    Front Bedroom

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    Upstairs Bedroom

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    Training Room

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