Map & Tour

To better learn about Grateful Dogs Clubhouse and to get a virtual tour of the facilities, hover over a room to see pictures of grateful dogs enjoying themselves.

map of Grateful Dogs Clubhouse
  • outside play yard for large dogs Large Dog Outside Yard
  • Happy dogs drinking water Outdoor area for green room
  • Indoor play area Indoor play area
  • IMG_5314 Ball Game Area
  • Happy dogs on daycare patio Dogs playing in water on our patio
  • Dogs sleeping in overnight clubhouse suite Bedroom Suites
  • Back doggy bedroom Back bedroom
  • IMG_5322 SDL Yard
  • IMG_0257 Oasis Yard
  • Dog Lounge SDL
  • indoor1b Oasis
  • lobby1a Reception/Lobby
  • IMG_5286 Grooming Rooms
  • bedroom2 Front Bedroom
  • IMG_5258 Upstairs Mini Bedroom
  • IMG_5247 Upstairs Bedroom
  • IMG_5266 Training Room
  • IMG_5351 Kitchens