Vaccine Update

September 18, 2021

We wanted to inform you that there have been confirmed cases of Canine Influenza(CIV) in LA County and a few in the South Bay. For this reason we will now will be requiring the canine influenza vaccine. 

 Important Information 

  • We DO NOT have any suspected or confirmed cases at our facility, to our knowledge.
  • Symptoms to look for include but are not limited to: Sneezing, coughing, nasal discharge, fever, lethargy, lack of appetite.
  • If you do suspect your dog your dog may be sick, please keep them home and reach out to your vet.
  • Moving forward we will be requiring the canine influenza vaccine.  
  • Most veterinarians we have spoken to are administering the vaccine with a “tech appointment” but may be booked out for two to four weeks.
  • We are working on setting up a vaccine clinic here, to make things easier for everyone.  We will send out more information on this once we have it.
  • To be clear, we do not know of any increased risk at Grateful Dogs, we are trying to be proactive and transparent with information we have received.  
  • Please do not call our front desk with inquiries unless you are concerned your dog is showing symptoms.  We have just shared all of the info we have.

We understand the challenges of getting into your local veterinarian right now and are asking that everyone is up to date on this vaccine within the next 60 days. Please plan accordingly. 


Grateful Dogs Team