Health Update

October 2, 2021

We wanted to reach out to everyone due to an increase in risk of upper respiratory infections at this time.  We know that its stressful when your pup is sick, and it is especially concerning now with all the added dog illness going around.  We wanted to clarify with everyone the current risks involved in the South Bay community, and we want to be transparent with what we are experiencing at Grateful Dogs.

 Kennel cough – Is essentially the common cold. It can be anything considered upper respiratory that is abnormal for your dog.  The Bordatella vaccine helps reduce the risk of contracting it and lowers the severity of symptoms if they do.   The vaccine does not guarantee your dog will not get Kennel Cough.  We are currently seeing a large increase in Kennel Cough cases. Many of those dogs were at the facility 9/17-9/26. Most of the cases we have seen have been very mild coughing for a few days. We have had a handful of pups who presented with a more significant cough and needed additional medication.  Local veterinarians have also confirmed they have seen an increase in Kennel Cough cases.

 Canine Influenza – Can present with similar symptoms as Kennel Cough.   However, dogs with Canine Influenza can become much more ill.  They often develop a fever, pneumonia, and may have thick discharge which can be caused by a secondary bacterial infection.  We have been made aware of many positive cases of Canine Influenzas in the South Bay by Veterinarians.  Some of these dogs have gotten very sick, while others were more moderate. We recently learned that a dog who left our facility on September 5th, went on to develop Kennel Cough symptoms that progressed to require hospitalization.  While these symptoms indicate the possibility of Canine Influenza. This dog was not tested, and we have had no further reports of dogs with this level of severe symptoms. Those who have tested, have come back with negative results for CIV.  We have not required the CIV vaccine in the past but with the present concerns, we are now requiring it.   While we are requiring your dog have the vaccine and booster completed by November 15th 2021, we encourage you to get it as soon as possible.  The Canine Influenza vaccine is considered very effective. 

 Leptospirosis- Is a bacteria that is found in the urine of infected animals.  Leptospirosis is not typically found in Southern California due to our dry climate, but in the end of July, there were quite a few confirmed cases in the Santa Monica Marina Del Rey area. We have not had any positive cases at Grateful Dogs, but many local vets are strongly recommending this vaccine as the number of Leptospirosis cases are on the rise.  We are not currently requiring the Leptospirosis vaccine at this time, but urge you do discuss this with your veterinarian.  It is also important to know Leptospirosis can transfer to humans.

 What you can do: Feed your dog a healthy diet.   Discuss immune boosting supplements with your Vet.  If your pup is not feeling well, do not bring them to daycare or other social environments.  Communicate with us if your pup is not feeling well after leaving our facility.  Our goal is to do our part to keep everyone as happy, healthy, and safe as we can, but we need your help to do so.  We will continue to share what we have learned.

Sincerely, Grateful Dogs Team