Facility Update

October 15, 2021

We really missed everyone this week! We wanted to touch base and update you on what is happening at Grateful Dogs. We will be back open on Monday, October 18th for all dogs who have completed the vaccine series against Canine Influenza.  This means at least 7 days past their second dose.  For all of you that were able to participate in our vaccine clinic, this includes you.

We hope the dogs that were affected by this out break are doing well.  The health and safety of the pups have always been our priority.  While closing Grateful Dogs was devastating, our hearts were really broken by the number of dogs that were sick and the severity of some of the symptoms.  We hope everyone is feeling better and on the road to recovery.  Many of our own dogs were affected by this, so we feel for everyone and understand how hard this was. If you have any questions, please call us. 

It is important to remember that these respiratory illnesses are also being contracted in other public settings. Some of the reports we have received were of dogs who have not been to daycare in months. We are asking everyone to please pay attention to your dog’s health.  If you hear them cough, or hack do not bring them in.   While all dogs here are now required to be vaccinated against Canine Influenza, respiratory infections, like kennel cough will continue to exist.  We are asking clients to help us keep Grateful Dogs a healthy environment.  If you have any doubts about your dog’s health, please call us or your vet, do not assume your dog is healthy.

To be clear, going forward, all dogs must be fully vaccinated against Canine Influenza to come back to Grateful Dogs.  If you have any concerns or questions regarding this, or your dog has been advised not to be vaccinated for health concerns, please call or email the front desk.  

If you are having trouble getting your dog vaccinated, The Lovejoy Foundation does vaccines clinics every Sunday from 12PM to 2PM.  Erin Lovejoy has asked that at this time, if you are planning to attend the vaccine clinic, to text her with your dog’s name and which vaccines you need, as they carry all vaccines.  Please keep it short and simple. 

Erin’s cell:310-719-5707

Lovejoy Foundation  

1121 W Hillcrest Blvd 

Inglewood, CA 90301

Thanks again for everyone’s patience and support.  We have the best clients in the world.  All the positivity and love we received, has really kept us going during this difficult time.  We look forward to seeing all your wagging tails and smiling faces!


Grateful Dogs Team