October 10, 2021

We will remain closed for daycare next week.  Currently our plan is to remain closed through Sunday, October 17th.

 If you have an upcoming boarding stay or an urgent need, please contact the front desk.

 If your dog is completely vaccinated, and 7 days past their second dose and you have a need this week, starting Tuesday, please contact the front desk.

 Please read the following, we realize it is long winded, but we think this info is important to understand our current situation and want to be clear on why we are closing for the week. 

 Canine Influenza and Kennel Cough are both highly contagious upper respiratory illnesses that are spread through respiratory droplets by barking, coughing, or sneezing. Infected dogs can shed the virus 48 hours prior to showing symptoms. This shedding of the virus causes exposure. Once an exposure happens, it is impossible to know who was infected and who those dogs infected.  The only real way to stop the spread is to shut down temporarily and to make sure all dogs are vaccinated against Canine Influenza. As soon as we heard we had a dog test positive for Canine Influenza we closed immediately to limit any potential for further exposures. 

 While this was our first case, we have heard reports of outbreaks in other parts of the community.  The good news is this virus does not survive long in the environment. It is truly the dog-to-dog exposure that is the cause for concern.  While we are taking this time to clean, we are mainly taking this time to allow clients to update their pups’ vaccines and to wait to see if anyone else develops symptoms that have yet to present.

 We have been told by local vets that the 2nd dose of the vaccine is not fully effective until 1 week after receiving the 2nd vaccine.  To be clear this means that dogs are not fully protected against Canine Influenza until one week after their second dose.

 Once we reopen, we will require that all dogs have completed the Canine Influenza vaccine series and then waited 1 week, in order to return to Grateful Dogs.  

 Vaccines can be given by your veterinarian.  Additionally there is a walk-in vaccine clinic at The Lovejoy Foundation from 12p – 2p every Sunday.  Their address is:  1121 W. Hillcrest Blvd., Ingelwood, CA  90301.

We really appreciated everyone’s patience and support at this time!


The Grateful Dogs Team