CIV Update

October 7, 2021

We are going to remain closed until Monday.  We will use this time to clean and sanitize the facility.  We will have more information this weekend with our plans going forward.  If you have a boarding or grooming appointment in the next week please call the front desk or email to discuss options.

 We are continuing to working diligently around the clock with local health care professionals to discuss the best way to proceed. We have also been in contact with other facilities who have experienced Canine Influenza to gather information from their experience.

 We have learned that most dogs are showing symptoms within 7 days of exposure.  Most dogs are fine after a few days.  We do urge you to contact your vet if your dog is not feeling well and particularly if they are lethargic and have a loss of appetite. 

 The vaccine has been proven to be very effective in preventing CIV after the second booster.

 If your dog has not completed their Canine Influenza series, we urge you to do so as soon as possible.  We are still holding the booster vaccine clinic in the parking lot this Sunday and are asking that dogs remain in their cars. 

The health and safety of everyone is always our top priority.

 Thank You for your continued support,

Grateful Dogs Staff