CIV Home Care Update

October 8, 2021

CIV Update Home Care | Email Sent 10/8/21

Hi Everyone,

We felt this information was important enough to send a separate email. We wanted to reach out to those clients whose dogs are having upper respiratory symptoms. We have found a significant improvement in symptoms with the use of steam. This can be achieved by using a humidifier, or having your dogs in the bathroom while the shower is running . What we have found is that there is significant relief from the cough, which has allowed them to get much needed rest and breaks up the mucus in the chest.  We really want to stress how big of a difference this has made.

 While doing research we have also found the following items you can try.

 The use of bone broth or other fluids can help hydration and increase appetite

– A healthy diet

– Good old fashion rest

 Please be advised that we are not veterinarians, we are not recommending these items in lieu of your veterinarian and do not recommend leaving your dog unattended while using the humidifier. We hope this information is helpful. 


Grateful Dogs Team